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Sugar Paws provides a much needed service by helping to connect reputable animal rescue groups with families looking to adopt a new family member.  The founder of the organization has great experience with organizing adoption events that create a fun and safe atmosphere for all involved.  Adopters are happy, rescue groups have less stress, and most importantly lots of animals get great homes because of her ability to bring everybody together.  I recommend Sugar Paws for anybody interested in both finding a family pet or for those organizations looking for ways to connect their animals with the people who will always love them.  

Nikki Sharp, Executive Director, Wildlife SOS USA
Over the many years that I’ve worked with Jamie Rubin, I’ve always admired her passion for saving animals, and also her compassion for both pets and people. Jamie produces high quality events and has a strong set of standards for animal safety and care. She is reliable, dedicated and a true problem solver.

Greta Palmer, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Best Friends Animal Society

I met Jamie Rubin while saving lives , and we developed a deep mutual friendship while continuing to save lives and advocate for all animals. Jamie Rubin inspired me to do more and become a leader in animal welfare and advocacy. We worked successful fundraisers and adoption events along with puppy mill rescues. Sugar Paws will go a long way in continuing the great work Jamie began over a decade ago in animal welfare, care, and advocacy.

Isa Brooke Fowler, Community Liaison, Manager Freehold Adoption Center, Monmouth County SPCA  
I have worked with Jamie and Tammy for several years, volunteering in different capacities for different events.  They are always organized and make sure their volunteers are well trained and understand what it is they need to do.  They always make the animals' welfare and adoptability a priority and make sure that all who work with them share that same philosophy.  They are a couple of my favorite people.  I'll work with them and Sugar Paws, any chance I get. 

Sherry P,  Volunteer
Jamie and Tammy are two of the kindest, sweetest, most organized, professional, hard working ladies, so it's no surprise that Sugar Paws is going to be a force to be reckoned with. They have the collective experience to understand the big picture, that everyone plays a part.

Leah Rose Tangren, President, Friends With Four Paws
Jamie and Tammy are an experienced and professional team. They have been putting on successful adoption events for years and are well known and loved throughout the rescue community.  All their adoption events are well organized, smoothly run and a pleasure to be part of.  We look forward to participating each time.  Jamie and Tammy make sure the events are effective and successful, for the animal rescues and the public alike. They ensure the events are welcoming for the public, while being safe for the rescue volunteers and for the dogs.  We always have a high adoption rate at these events, many times higher than at other events.  Jamie and Tammy are dedicated to helping animals find new homes and are a strong resource for the rescue community. They’re also positive and fun to work with.

Nicole Bruck, Founder and Director, Animals-R-Family